Monday, October 29, 2012

The next step

Well friends, when we neared the end of our stay in our last "temporary" city, I got really excited about the "perfect house" being affordably for sale. I am currently excited about a few acres in town being affordably for sale and nearly "perfect" (once I sort out municipal legalities).

This can mean two things:
1) our time here is limited and we will be moving on soon.
2) this really is the next step in the journey.

So far everyone in town I've talked to is also excited about my vision for these 3+ acres. One even went so far as to tell the idea does not sound crazy but is, in fact, possible.

What is this vision, you ask? Well I'll tell you. The property is located within city limits and has a small church building with a classroom/office wing sitting on one half of the lot while the other half is an open field. Naturally, the field will be divided and fenced and become the home of a small CSA farm and orchard. The class wing would be converted into a living environment for the farm caretakers (us) and a few rentable rooms for workshops, offices, community stuff or bunkhouse space. The sanctuary would also be turned into a rentable space for community concerts, meetings, workshops, yoga seminars, religious gatherings, weddings etc. The lawn behind the building would be manicured and made worthy of outdoor, private events. The garden shed turned into a chicken coop. A barn would be built near the end of the drive and house bunnies. Bee hives would be placed in the center of everything...

Granted, it would take about 5 years for any this to match the picture in my head, barring any legal, community, weather or other unseen obstacles. At the moment, trying to gather as much How-To Buy/Start a Farm knowledge as possible.

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