Sunday, December 29, 2013

Dreams for the future

Sorry this post is a bit late. I drafted it about a week ago before deciding on a last minute trip to celebrate the life of a dear friend. In all that goes with saying goodbye I sort of forgot about this space. I'm sure you understand. So, to the original post!

Have you ever tried to explain your dream to someone? Take your dream house for example. Have you gone beyond the list of rooms and amenities? We all understand a 3-bedroom house with 2 baths (one for adults and one for the kids), a library/den, swimming pool, garden, barn in our own ways. But what do these rooms look and feel like? What does "home" mean to you? 

My dream home is a cross between a hundred year old farm house where everything centers around the kitchen and the fireplace, the creative use of space required in small French apartments like in Amelie, and a wonderful conservatory and garden like in Practical Magic. Actually, adding a chicken coup to the property in Practical Magic would be perfect! Oceanside in Friday Harbor! Lots of outdoor living and snugly indoor space decorated with intention and flowing through the seasons. A place of safe freedom where my kids feel comfortable bringing their friends.

So where am I going with this? With the new year and the general populace encouraging new resolutions and goals to work toward in the coming year, I want to encourage you to envision the details of your dreams. Smell them, taste them, feel them.  What you put out there into the universe, you will get back. 

When we were in Tulsa, living in a 700 sqft 1-bedroom, 1-closet house, we would dream of our next location. We weren't totally clear in all details, like which state we wanted it to be in. What we were clear on, we got: 3-bedrooms (one for adults, one for kids, one for a library/guest room), a bigger kitchen, space for a garden and chickens, more storage, pool/hottub and a job in one of our fields.

 Now to be clear about the next location and other visions for the new year.

What are you wanting from this year?

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