Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sweet moments

Its a Saturday morning, with new snow (or ice) covering the ground, and the whole family waking up slowly. Aoife typically takes a nap about the time Emagene wakes up for the day (which is lovely). So it was this day. As I lay Aoife down in our family bed, Emagene woke up and tried to come to the sofa for cartoons but it was too cold. She ended up running into her room and crawling into the bed there. I grabbed my hot cup of coffee (a treat by itself that may have just made the whole day a tad jollier) and went in to have our usual morning chat. What made it special this morning im not exactly sure. Pete was making breakfast, the baby was sound asleep, my coffee was the perfect temperature, the sun was bouncing off the snow and lighting her room in that magical sparkly way only snow can. And we just sat there chatting about snow, about the smell of bacon, the need to put off Christmas shopping due to weather, the number of snow angels asking to be made and all the other important things happening in that moment. It's what Amber at Crappy Pictures calls a Magical Moment; something you'll remember forever for no particular reason other than it was innocently special.  


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