Sunday, December 1, 2013

Winter holiday countdown

Since we live in a house divided as to which story we ascribe to this season, we sort of celebrate them all. Because of this our "advent," or time of preparing for the national holiday on December 25, is a bit eclectic. 

The weekend after thanksgiving is typically set aside for getting and setting up the tree. Though I think we'll start holding off on the tree in years to come. It's difficult to keep a real tree fresh and happy here in Texas, not to mention the length it had to travel to get here.

Once the tree is done, and December finally arrives, come the crafts and decorating and the counting down. I know there's beauty in simplicity and I don't want to overdo the season or overwhelm my kids so some days all we do is watch a holiday movie or listen to seasonal music while we play with princesses and Legos. There are a few specific things we do to help make this season special such as make and decorate cookies, paint or create a ornament, attend the library's christmas storytime and see Santa, look for lights any time were in the car, buy and wrap presents, and attend the town's tree lighting festival. Every year we discuss what traditions we want to keep alive and what we want to leave in the memory vaults of the previous years. This list seems to hold true.

I am searching for ways to help make each season just as special. For example, finding ways to count down to the beginning of Spring, or May Day, or midsummer. Feel free to shoot me ideas and I'll keep you posted on our seasonal forays.

So here's what's been happening around here as we count down to the big day.

Day 1: decorate tree 

Day 2: go ice skating (week before national thanksgiving. Our November activities were a bit early and sporadic this year.)

Day 3: paint an ordament

Day 4: notice the neighborhood is starting to light up and only one house has a menorah, talk about Chanukah 

Dec 1: paint a picture of Santa Claus
Dec 2: hang the lights

Dec 3: watch Polar Express for the first time ever

Dec 4; make a "wreath" and attend company party 

Dec 5: begin working on Aoife's stocking

Dec 6: attend town tree lighting festival
Play in the icy wonderland

Drink cocoa, 
make something from a craft book I found at the library.

What have you been up to?

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