Sunday, December 15, 2013

Winter Holiday countdown week 3

Dec 14: needing new ballet slippers requires a forced trip to a mall during holiday shopping season, run into Cowboy Santa at a mall bookstore 
which sends mom into an Internet shopping frenzy trying to find a toy version of this: 
(Green Arrow Car/Plane)

Side note: when Santa looks like one of your ballet classmates' father, it can be a little disconcerting. mostly causing stress that the plea for a batman toy might not reach Santa. Good thing he has email and can pass on all the wishes!

Dec 15: finish Aoife's stocking

Dec 16: make paper snowflakes

Dec 17: make this thing 
and because it suddenly was over 60 we cleaned like it was March!

Dec 18: paint the garden fence just because while listening to holiday music
Drink more cocoa.

Dec 19: attend a small Christmas celebration and play date, eat festive treats

Dec 20: look for lights as we drive around town running errands. Get horrible news and spend the rest of the night distracted by justice legue cartoons. And elves.

Dec 21: sing up the sun, make a holiday gift for our solstice gathering. Finally start my Last handmade for the season! Watch Mickey's once upon a christmas.


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    1. My sweet friend Rick, with POA passed suddenly. He gifted us our crockpot for our wedding. I can't cook without thinking of him.