Tuesday, September 11, 2012

hope for the garden

I have mixed emotions when it comes to my garden. It has a chance of survival against the grasshoppers because of the chickens. However, it doesn't have a chance to thrive when paired against the chickens' talons, love for scratching, and curiosity for bugs under the topsoil.


After losing most of our spring garden to chicken raids and pill bugs, we tried this idea: add a chicken wire cage to the top of the existing fence. (More about the fence in this post) We have also treated with a homemade Neem solution and a healthy dusting of Diatomaceous Earth.
The basil is very safe from crawling, chewy bugs thanks to a little girl with a re-purposed garlic powder shaker and a desire to give the plant 'vitamins' until it said it was good.  

   As I was out prepping the soil for root planting when my garden buddy, Ferdy, after being shooed out the gate a few times, tried to hop upon the fence to watch me. She was immediately rejected by the wire! The garden might have a chance for a fall bounty!!

With this bit of hope in my heart I planted a small amount of root crops, mostly to act as a learning crop since I've never grown turnips or radishes before. Following the lunar planting guide in the Farmers Almanac online (here), I've got a plan for getting something out of this plot of dirt before winter. We've got a handful of plants started indoors and ready for hardening. Hoping to get them successfully in the ground next week.

What are you growing right now?

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