Sunday, September 23, 2012

Why my husband is an excellent father

It's been a turbulent summer in the job/income part of our world. We both have awesome jobs we love! For this, I am so grateful! His had strange and unpredictable hours and mine was 260 miles away. Things are mellowing out. He picked up a ground course (lecture class 5 days a week) and I've got a break from my one crazy 36-hour day each week. That said, the transition into job 'stability' has been rough on emagene.

Her whole life she's been used to seeing daddy during the day and going to sleep while he is at work. Now we wake up and either are taking him to work or he's already gone. He has taken over bedtime to help balance this, but when his day leans toward the 14-hour side, she gets a little ruffled. She needs her daddy. Fortunately, he's aware how important daddy-daughter time is and does his best to take her on the Tarmac when we pick him up, read 2 extra books at bedtime, or take a walk to the playground just the 2 of them no matter how tired, hungry and in need of a shower he is. I really did pick a good guy!

Today is no exception. After 6 10-12-hour days in a row, he has to spend his only day off sitting around a auto mechanic shop while they replace tires and tweak the alignment. Guess who desperately wanted to go? He obliged and loaded a two-year old in a pink princess dress into the car armed with coloring books, an imaginetics set, and fairy castle action figures. Hopefully they can watch the repairs through windows and eat popcorn while they bond. Or hit up the pizza buffet across the street.

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