Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Hen House Gets a Face Lift

Our girls have been blissfully enjoying a cozy home in the shade throughout this HOT Texas Summer. With the change in Seasons upon us, it became evident that vegetable oil stain and the bare roof needed a little love if we expected the house to survive the downpours.

 Finding half a package of comp shingles in the garden shed, the roofer reappeared.

When the heat and humidity became close to unbearable (early July), the girls had begun preferring the lower tree branches to the safety of the hen house. So I (sorry Planet!) ran to Wal-Mart and purchased this $7 battery operated fan and installed it with cable ties to the ceiling. It points away from the access door toward the screened, vent windows in the opposite corner. The girls roost bar, barely noticeable behind the fan, is positioned at a angle, to accommodate all of the them, between the fan and the windows. As long as it is on when they head to bed, I don't have to pull chickens out of the tree after dark! 

(That's Fluffy, being all broody and grumpy on the elevated nesting box. She's generally the only one who uses this box. We have 3 'momma approved' nests around the yard.)

Originally, E and I 'painted' the house with a coating of vegetable oil to seal the wood. I was told in Backyard Chicken Class (offered at the Zarrow Regional Library in Tulsa, OK) to be mindful that cooped chickens will peck at the wood enclosing them. Therefore it would be safer to seal the wood with food grade oil instead of staining or painting the interior.

Using leftover paint from various other projects, E and I gave the exterior a little face lift.

That precariously perched board is placed there to ensure the the feeder stays dry and in the shade.  The opening below is covered with chicken wire. The outside of the run is covered with 1/4 inch hardware cloth.

Still to be done: frame the outside of the windows with a matching trim and replace a few grips on the ramp.

Even with the To Do list not thoroughly completed, the ladies seem pleased with the new look of their house.

All photos taken by Sara Dalton-Busch

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