Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Disney movie review by my 2-year-old

My little girl has grown very particular on her viewing selections. We've tried a handful of 'classics' but she tells us to turn them off. She doesn't like them. They are scary. 'Bad guys' really get to her. Especially bad guys with a human form. Animal or Monster bad guys aren't so bad. For example:

Beauty and the Beast: doesn't like Gaston, hates the beast.

Princess and the Frog: must skip any scene with the Shadow Man.

Little Mermaid: let's just not mention Ursula at all.

Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure: brief chase scene and a troll encounter are a little intense, but we survive it and will agree to watch it again.

Her current favorite movie: Cinderella, totally fine. True, the cat chases mice, but this is normal. Some people can be mean and not outright violent or evil. This is also normal. Perfectly acceptable even. We all have our off days when we're a bit grumpy. Therefore "cinnernella no have bad dyes." and we will gladly replace her other current Disney viewing favorite (Mickey mouse clubhouse) with a Cinderella viewing.

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